The Kernis Project: Beethoven - J Freivogel (violin); Jasper String Quartet; Rachel Henderson Freivogel (cello); Sae Chonabayashi (violin); Sam Quintal (viola)

Track Listing
  1. String Quartet No. 9 in C major ("Rasumovsky No. 3"), Op. 59/3
  2. String Quartet No. 2 ("musica instrumentalis")
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The influence of one musical master on others of subsequent generations cannot be overstated. This influence may reach forward a couple of years or a couple of centuries. On its Sono Luminus album, the Jasper String Quartet celebrates this lineage as it appears in some of the string quartet literature, a genre that has inspired great advances and ...

The Kernis Project: Beethoven 2011, Dorian Sono Luminus

UPC: 053479214225