Tuareg - Il Guerriero Del Deserto ()

directed by Enzo G. Castellari
featuring Claudia Gravy, Mark Harmon, Paolo Malco, Luis Prendes, Aldo Sambrell

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Tuareg - Il Guerriero Del Deserto - Enzo G. Castellari

Mark Harmon stars in this highly explosive actioner from Italian maestro Enzo G. Castellari as Gacel Sayah, the leader of the most feared tribe in the Sahara, the Tuareg. Able to survive for days without food and water and traveling only by foot across the scorching landscape, the Tuareg are self-sufficient and as adaptable an enemy as any. When ...

Tuareg: Desert Warrior 2007,

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Tuareg: The Desert Warrior 2003,

UPC: 798622303127