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Science fiction has been called the "literature of ideas" and at Alibris we couldn't agree more. Science fiction is imagination taking you to the future of technology, allowing for travel across time & space, exploring the wonders of parallel universes and discovering alien lifeforms. When you read or watch science fiction you participate in some of the greatest adventures ever conceptualized. This guide celebrates science fiction by sharing our favorites books and movies of the genre. Come explore with us!


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Karma Bennett

Working on posts for Earth Day has reminded me of a topic that often weighs on my mind...all the books that publishers have pulped every year.

Publishing is the only industry I know that allows product returns. So, when a publisher announces they will stop publishing a title, booksellers return the books to the publisher right away, so they can get their money back before the book goes out print (Whereas, with a product like sneakers, the shop is stuck with the shoes and will just put them on Clearance). The publisher doesn't sell books, and since they can't do anything with the books, the publisher usually has them destroyed.

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