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Gift Ideas & Inspiration

Alibris has always been your source for Books, Music and Movies. On this page we will share gift guides and ideas as well as our favorites for your friends and family. Through the years we have amassed an amazing treasure-trove of titles including hard to find and collectible Books, your favorite Movies and Music in all of their formats as well as all the newest releases.


Gift Guide for Halloween

With October so synonymous with Halloween, join us this month as we navigate through this fun and spooky holiday. Our Halloween Gift Guide provides ideas for those looking for a bit of trick or treat. For our mischievous (or 'trick') customers, we have assembled some go-to horror books and movies that will provide you all a proper scare. And for our customers just looking for fun (or 'treat') , then we have great recommendations for fall activities to embark upon and graphic novels to read. Trick or Treat!!!


Alibris Community

Best Career Books for College Grads?

Karma Bennett

What do you think are the most helpful books for young people just now entering the workforce? I know What Color Is Your Parachute, but there are a ton of others. I'm interested less in "What do you want your job to be books" and more interested in titles that help a young graduate who knows what she wants to do find the right path and succeed.

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