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Sandworms Of Dune

5out of 5

by toonboi on June 12, 2009

The Tleilaxu Master Waff, bio-engineers a spice producing worm that not only survives in water, but now lives there instead of the desert sands.
The ghola program on ?Ithaca? is continued, but there is sabotage when three axlotl tanks are destroyed, along with the baby gholas.
Both Paul gholas are having the same premonition. The one on the ?Ithaca? is killed by the one on planet Caladan, Paolo.
Mother Commander Murbella is placing false Sheeanas on various planets to lead the human race against the coming war. She has also bargained with the Ixian Face Dancers to construct no ships without Navigators, using mathematical compilers instead. The Guild beaucrats betray the Navigators, and some are killed as they escape to speak with the Oracle of Time, Norma Cenva.
Waff succeeds in making the sea-worms producing super spice, and demands to be returned to Arrakis. Edrik grants his request since he has fulfilled his obligation to the Navigators, but the super spice is stolen by the Face Dancers and Edrik is murdered.
The ?Ithaca? has a saboteur on board and they are no closer to finding out who it is. Sheeana begins to awaken some of the gholas memories and they re-supply the ?Ithaca? on a world that is becoming desert. The Bene Gesserit planted worms on Qelso, so the inhabitants kill any witch they meet, but the others are welcome to stay behind on the planet, increasing the ?Ithaca?s? chances. When another tank and baby is killed, they believe that they have found their saboteur. But Yueh was tricked into believing that the new ghola Sheeana was keeping secret was Piter de Vries!
Both the Baron and Paolo are summoned to Sychrony, from Caladan.
Chapterhouse is attacked by the Enemy, when the plague is killing all on the planet. The only way Murbella can help the Sisterhood to survive is to force all, whether ready or not, to under go the Agony. Naturally, all that remains are Reverend Mothers, and a large number of the Sisterhood rests in enormous burial pits on the planet.
Skytale develops a way to detect Face Dancers, and their saboteur is revealed, putting directly in the hands of Omnius and Erasmus!
On Sychrony, the Paul gholas premonition plays out, and the end result is the revelation of the true Kwisatz Haderach!
"Sandworms of Dune" answers the long-debated, urgent questions of Dune fans: the origin of the Honored Matres, the tantalizing future of the planet Arrakis, and the resolution to the war between Man and Machine.
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Reviewed by toonboi

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