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Eloise C
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I did not see the place to enter my word for a coupon. For 85.86 order I should have been able to place a discount. Order # 58688503

Kelvin J
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refunds and return postage.

I have just sent the letter below to Alibris. Having read some of your posts I guess I'm lucky to even get the book. When a seller seriously misdescribes a book and to return it you have to pay well over half the value of the book in postage, you are at the mercy of trusting the sellers . Without ... More

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Last: on March 21, 2016
I Pike
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from Ur to Rome

Have just bought an old (1930's?) UK school history book titled "From Ur to Rome" in a charity bookshop. This is no.2 in a series - can anyone suggest how I could track other books in the series?

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The church history of Ethiopia (1696) Geddes, Michael

I have a first edition (1696) of Geddes "The church history of Ethiopia". Any idea how much it's worth?

Karen D
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Awful service

My mothers christmas present, a traditional german cooking book, out of print NEVER got delivered, the book is lost. I do not recommend this service at all. I wasn't even provided a means to check on my country's delivery service.

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Last: on February 20, 2016
Karma Bennett
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Best Career Books for College Grads (Beyond What Color Is Your Parachute)?

What do you think are the most helpful books for young people just now entering the workforce? I know What Color Is Your Parachute, but there are a ton of others. I'm interested less in "What do you want your job to be books" and more interested in titles that help a young graduate who knows what she ... More

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Last: on February 16, 2016
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Pilgrim's Progress/The Peerless edition/ published 1892

I'd like to find the value of some of my first edition books, but I can't find them in a search online, any recommendations? I would like to sell some of them.

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The Dore Gallery, unbound limited by subscription only. memorial edition.

I have all 50 parts. They are all in jackets of 5 engravings each with an explanation of each engraving in each jacket. Jackets or covers state: 250 beautiful engravings. I also have a note from the publisher stating that they have arrangements for binding them available. Publisher is Cassell & Company ... More

Marion G
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Organizational Behavior

I received the incorrect book and need to return and am not getting results from Alibris on how to return this book.

jose luis
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straigth line of persuasion author : Jordan Belford

i am searching for the complete course in cd of this author. i do not mind if it is used but in good conditions and good price. Please let me know please urgent.