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Alan M
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Mac's Choice

The prices listed for Mac's Choice, a children's book about the issues surrounding drug use, are all over the board ($0.32 to $72). What is driving this this variance?

Chris  P
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Highest percentage coupon?

Hi. I was curious if the community might remember what the highest percentage discount Alibris has offered? I've seen 15%. I'm looking at purchasing a rather expensive book, and am hoping to save as much $ as possible. Thanks.

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Rose Of America, Sara Maynard, Sheed & Ward 1943

I've had this book since I was a child. I believe it came from an aunt. It was a school copy. Wondering about the value. I've looked it up and the earliest copyright date I find reference to is 1944 - but my book is dated 1943. Anyone have any knowledge of this book?

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David Baldacci The Last Mile
Discussion about Hematological-and-Metabolic-Aspects-from-Laboratory-Medicine

Hematological and Metabolically Aspects of Laboratory Medicine -3-th Edition in New Review-

Hematological and Metabolically Aspects of Laboratory Medicine -3-th Edition in New Review- Author, Aurelian Udristioiu, 3-th Edition, June, 2015, Emergency County Hospital Targu Jiu & UCB University, Progresului Street No.18,Gorj, Postal Code:Zip 210218,Romania; ... More

Robert Thomson
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Adventure story i read in paperback edition around 1960.

A James Bond type of hero befriends a lovely { of course } woman on a train in North Africa then discovers later that she has been kidnapped by slave traders and so he sets out to rescue her. It was a great adventure, thriller type story but I don't remember author or title.

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Not receiving the version of the book I wanted

I ordered the new version of a book but received the old version. Went back to verify that I had ordered the new version and I had. That seems like fraud or something illegal. Will see if they respond to my complaint

Douglas A
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F***ing Barcode Stickers

I'm getting really sick of the practice of high-volume sellers putting barcode stickers on the spines of books they sell. These do not come off easily, and I've irrevocably damaged two books in the last week trying to remove the stickers. One cost more than $100 so this is a significant problem, ... More

Andrea Rt
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Unauthorized CC charges

How do I close my account??? There is nothing on my account info to allow me to do this? Next email is to Better Business Bureau

Andrea Rt
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cancel account

I was recently charged $19.99 because I did not have enough account sales. I want to close my account and dispute this charge. How do I do this?