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anna w
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Poor packaging ruined a good book

I just started using Alibris. I ordered two popular books, requesting new hardbacks. One arrived rather speedily from Misty Mountain sellers, was well packed in a padded mailer, and was in new condition. Unfortunately, the print was so small and dim I could not read it and it was refunded. But I ... More

Patricia D
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Science fiction novels from the 60s or 70s

In probably the late 1970s I had 2 science fiction novels I would like to read again. Unfortunately, after several moves, they are lost. One was about a future earth with humanity made up of two communities: an elite, ivory tower, scientific one and, outside their gates, a primitive one where ... More

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Tamela Marsh
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Need a Spanish translation of book being used as textbook

Showing my ignorance here, but can anyone suggest how I can purchase a Spanish-language translation of a book? The high school teacher who has assigned his students to read Frances E Jensen's The Teenage Brain with their parents didn't give any suggestions for his ESL students. Help!

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Last: 2 weeks ago
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The Conquest of Happiness by Bertrand Russell

I am looking for this book in CD danhshubin at yahoo dot com

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Avoid for international deliveries

I bought a book through Alibris for delivery in Venezuela. The book was expected to arrive in 21-27 days. 45 days later and Alibris has no idea where the book is as they do not track items shipped outside the USA. Now I have to try to get the book and shipping costs refunded.

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Last: on May 24, 2016
Sarah P
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Books from USA not arriving

Has anyone else from the UK had books fail to arrive from America? Three of my books ordered at end of January from US sellers never turned up and I am just wondering if I happened to be very unlucky or if this is a common problem with Alibris and whether I need to avoid non-UK based sellers?

Peter H
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Hippo Books sends wrong book twice

And! They've decided to hide all buyers' comments! Not good.

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Old multi-volume set of Shakespeare

I have a multi-volume set of the collected works of Shakespeare. Can anybody give me direction on determining origin and potential value? Binding appears to be leather and they seem quite old. I can send pictures if that would help.

Danielle DesLau
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essays in the study of folk songs by The Countess Martinengo-Cesaresco

I have had this book for a while. I can only find info on recent reprints and some eBooks but have not even seen a picture of the version I currently have. Most just wanted whatever info and history there is available. Thanks! ... More

Alan M
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Mac's Choice

The prices listed for Mac's Choice, a children's book about the issues surrounding drug use, are all over the board ($0.32 to $72). What is driving this this variance?