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Kazoo Books

Do you ever...

Do you need to read the book before the movie comes out? Do you get so upset when they get it wrong? I know I do! What is a book/movie combo that you're excited for?

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Last: 5 days ago
John H

Multiple copies of a book

I sometimes wish to purchase more than one copy of a particular edition of a book. I am certain that at one time it was possible to see if a vendor has more than one copy available. I cannot determine how to do that today. Is it possible?

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Last: 12 days ago
Leann G

Does Alibris allow ARCs instead of hardcovers?

I've found many books listed as hardcover, but the sellers description then states it's a paperback advance reading copy. Is this allowed here now? I know somewhere in the "help" it used to state that ARCs were prohibited but I can't find that anywhere on the site now. If I were to receive an ARC ... More

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Last: 12 days ago
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