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Is Ina Garten losing her touch?

I have loved Ina Garten's cookbooks and recently got the latest one, Make It Ahead: A Barefoot Contessa Cookbook. Typically I love the simplicity of her recipes and how they are almost foolproof. Not so sure about this latest edition to her list of very good books. I was wondering if anyone else ... More

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Last: 10 days ago
k dwyer

The Science of Playwriting by M. L. Malevinsky

I have found a copy of this book (in fair condition, I'd say) signed by the author in New York, dated October 1925 addressed to Miss Anne Nichols. He writes : "My dear glorious gracious and extraordinary lady..I bow at thy shrine..I owe thee much..sincerely ML Malevinsky". I don't know how I came ... More

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Last: 12 days ago

refund the book

thank you for your mail sir i want to wait you 2-5 days until you will do any thing for my book and when i buy the book from your site i didnt finde it on the site of the uk one question please if i researche on another book on the site of the uk i will pay another time ? thankyou for your ... More

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Last: 4 days ago
Stephan A H

Shopping Cart Optimization

How about writing a routine that would analyze the cart contents and minimize the number of different sellers, with options - (price, etc.) this would save shipping time and cost.

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Last: 12 days ago
Simon Charwey

Paste your coupon code?

Please, I want to buy "Damn Good Advice" by George Lois but having problem with "paste your coupon code" option. What code are you referring to, please. I thought I had to buy with my VISA electron card. I'll appreciate any help. Thank you.

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Last: 12 days ago
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