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Kimberly H

Need some tips...

I teach 4th grade. I am attempting to make my classroom library better/more recent. Any suggested books that I should be looking for?

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Last: 4 days ago
Martin  R

Harper Lee's Books

What is the order in which Harper Lee WROTE her two, not the order of publication?

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Last: 4 days ago
Eric K

365 Childrens Stories

I am looking for a book that my wife had as she was growing up. "365 Bedtime Stories" It had an illustration by Florence Kroger of a boy holding a puppy and candle walking up the stairs

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Last: 12 days ago

Help finding children's book?

I cannot remember the title of a book I read and loved as a child, and was wondering if someone could help. I remember very little about it, unfortunately. There was a magic pen that (I think) made what ever it wrote happen. A man wrote something that said ________ when pigs fly, and pigs ... More

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Last: 12 days ago
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