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Frank W

Golden Books/Guides

I am trying to complete my wife's collection of Golden Books but finding ISBN numbers is impossible. Can you help with these - Mexico by Herbert Zim, 1969, Ski by Bill Wallace and Bob Beattie, 1966 Washington DC by Robert Smallman 1969 and Bicycling by George Fichter and Keith Kingboy 1972. Any help ... More

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Last: 14 hours ago
Kelley Lannigan

Looking for an old book titled Star Girl

I was in elementary school in the early and mid-60s and remember a book that became a favorite from the school's library. It was titled, if I remember correctly "Star Girl" or "The Star Girl" and not to be confused with the contemporary book by the same name by Jerry Spinelli. I have no idea of the ... More

2 Replies »
Last: 14 hours ago
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