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I need information on a book I have owned for some 50 years

I have a copy of Ancient Monuments of the Mississippi Valley that was published in 1848. It is in very good condition and I cannot find any information that would help me put a value on this book. It is NOT a reprint or copy. It is an original. I know there is a copy in the Smithsonian. It was given ... More

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Last: 4 days ago
Kimberly H

Need some tips...

I teach 4th grade. I am attempting to make my classroom library better/more recent. Any suggested books that I should be looking for?

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Last: 9 days ago
kristine e

Poe's Poems

Chicago: M.A. Donohue & Co.. Hardcover. Very Good . 276 pages ." Memoir" by Geo. R. Graham "Death of Edgar A. Poe" by N. P. Willis Contains" Poems and essays" and Poems Written in Youth. No copyright date that can be found. Trying to find out what book is worth.

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Last: 4 days ago

Can anyone tell me if there is any value in old encyclopedias?

A friend of mine has two sets; Book of Knowledge, 1912 (19 volumes) and Encyclopedia Americana, 1857 (13 volumes translated from 1931 European content)

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Last: 11 days ago
Melissa R

College Textbooks

BE AWARE College students should note that when ordering textbooks you may NOT be getting what you are ordering. Books are being substituted for international versions which cannot be returned without a $15 restocking fee.

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Last: 2 days ago
Kalyan S

The New Shorter Oxford English Dictionary

I would like to purchase the dictionary.I placed orders for it many times but almost all the bookshops sent only one volume of it.Where should I inquire about it where both the volumes are available?

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Last: 11 days ago
dimitris e


Help on receiving my book on time? I'm not understanding how the tracking my book.

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Last: 8 days ago
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