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kathey eady

i have a Pookie Believes in Santa Claus book.

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My books cover is a sky blue color with Pookie in the tree like the others, but my cover is different. why is that and was that made special from the others?

Jeff H

Great book for the kids

In discussions about Daniel-the-Draw-Er

My daughter really enjoyed reading this book. She's read thru it a couple of times and even asked for a second copy to donate to her school's library. Cleaverly written. Highly recommended.

Tom Mennella

I am looking for a Strega Nonna Christmas Ornament

In discussions about Strega-Nona:-Her-Story

I am looking for a Christmas Ornament "Strega Nonna" any suggestions?

Tom Mennella

is the Strega Nonna Christmas Ornament available?

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Is the Strega Nonna Christmas Ornament available ?

Melissa C

Amazing Book- wonderful story about giving and the spirit of Christmas

In discussions about The-Sparkle-Box

I have started a new tradition in my family - The Sparkle Book. With 4 daughters - it is important to teach them about giving. I received this book from my church last year. Since then I have purchased Several to hand out as gifts. It is a truly special book.

Heidi R

hope sellers read this, thnx

In discussions about Curious-George-and-the-Dump-Truck

Hello, My 19 year old son with autism wants to collect the Curious George paperbacks with the yellow cover and a red circle with a number on the cover in the upper left corner. The picture with your listing has the blue cover but can you please identify if your item is the yellow cover and has that ... More

Susan Wetherall

Mousekins Golden House

In discussions about Mousekins Golden House

I am a former primary public school teacher. I was so disappointed when I went to look for this book for my granddaughters. It was my 1st graders favorite. Please bring it back! I noticed that you brought back "The Bunny with the Golden Shoes"!

Lesley Michelle

Book picture

In discussions about Horsenapped

The picture of this book is not very clear, you can barely see it. How do I upload a different, clearer picture please


DECODER needed

In discussions about Brain-Boosters-Decoder

I have the books and need the decoder. Do you have one?

Joyce D

The Day the Crayons Quit

In discussions about The-Day-the-Crayons-Quit

This is such a great book! i have read it to my Grandchildren several times and I am charmed every time by the witty, funny dialog coming from the Crayons. It's nice to enjoy reading something different to the little ones instead of the same O same O. This is a book i will be buying for every Birthday ... More

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