Invaders Now! - Gage, Christos, and Ross, Alex, and Rosemann, Bill (Editor)

They were World War II's premier team of heroes, fighting bravely against the Axis and its own super-powered agents! They are Captain America, Bucky, the original Human Torch, Toro, Namor the Sub-Mariner, Union Jack, Spitfire and the Golden Age Vision - the Invaders! Disbanding more than 60 years ago, the battle-tested team reassembles when a ... Read More

Invaders Now! 2011, Marvel Comics Group

ISBN-13: 9780785139126


Invaders Now! 2011, Marvel Comics Group, New York

ISBN-13: 9780785139133

Trade paperback

Invaders Now 2011, Panini Books, Tunbridge Wells

ISBN-13: 9781846534799