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Gardening When It Counts: Growing Food in Hard Times


Discover forgotten low-input food gardening methods for surviving uncertain times ahead.

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Reviews of Gardening When It Counts: Growing Food in Hard Times

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  • Best book in my collection Dec 9, 2014
    by Alan P

    This is by far the most helpful and informative book in my collection. It addresses the nuts and bolts of gardening and the success and failures we all face as gardeners.
    I would highly recommend this book for not only the novice but also the seasoned gardener.

  • Blew me away! May 22, 2013
    by Kim G

    I picked up this book from the library, and was glued to the pages. It answered questions that I had NEVER found an answer to in any other gardening book. For example - did you know there is such a things as too much compost? I didn't . Turns out, adding too much compost to your soil reduces your vegetables' nutrient content, and also, here in the Pacific NW, will create the perfect environment for symphylans. I had seen symphylans before, but didn't know what to do about them, nor what they were actually harming. It also turns out that all the plants that I thought were "easy to grow" in my garden are ones that symphylans don't like, and many of the "hard to grow" ones are favorite symphylan snacks. All this time, I thought I just didn't know how to grow those other plants very well. thankfully, the author explains what to do about them.

    Another "lightbulb" moment for me was when the author explained the finer points to seed saving and keeping seed genetic purity. This is way more complicated than I realized, and gave me a great appreciation for seed breeders.

    I've bought this book for several friends now, and will continue to give it as a gift to other gardeners. Before reading it, I never realized how many times I'd been gardening much harder and less efficiently than I could. The author really cares about thriftiness and affordability, and it's clear that he takes his "splurges" very seriously. I really appreciated his writing style, as well as all the stumpers he answered for me. Now I know why my hoeing didn't work as efficiently as it should have been. :-)

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