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Dead as a Doornail


Sookie's got just a month, before the next full moon, to find out who wants her brother dead - and to stop the fiend! Sookie Stackhouse enjoys her ... Show synopsis

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Reviews of Dead as a Doornail

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  • Dead As A Doornail, Book 5 Apr 2, 2010
    by toonboi

    Eric Northman is back to his annoying over-confident self. He is persistently desperate to find out what happened between him and Sookie, while he was cursed. He feels as if he is about to remember something important and familiar, but cannot.
    Sookie is used to hearing and keeping other people?s secrets, but now she is harboring secrets of her own. The self-defense/murder, (depending on which way you look at it), of Debbie Pelt concerns and worries her. Luckily, Eric took the bullet intended for her, got rid of the body and her car, so she can honestly and truthfully say that she does not know where Debbie is. How is she to keep this secret when two private investigators hired by Debbie?s family, come to Merlotte?s and her home, asking all kinds of questions? If Eric gains his memories back, the secret of Debbie?s death and disappearance will not be hers alone. There is also the knowledge of the best sex Eric and Sookie has ever had! If Eric finds out, he will never let her live it down, (until they do it again so he can remember and experience again being with her.)
    The Weres in the area are being shot. Calvin is in the hospital, from nearly dying from his shot. Sam is shot in the leg. Sookie is fearfully concerned for her brother Jason, since he is a newly turned were-panther, (thanks to Crystal?s previous boyfriend on New Years night.) The people of Hotshot think that it is Jason who is shooting the Weres, as an act of vengeance for being turned. When Sookie finds out that crimes identical to theirs in Bon Temps have been committed elsewhere recently, she is scared the police will discover Hotshot?s secret. Especially if they are able to match the bullets.
    Because of being shot, Sam needs someone to tend the bar. He sends Sookie to Fangtasia, and comes back with their new bartender, the charismatic vampire pirate Charles, on the agreed understanding that Sam will owe Eric a favor in the future. (The job of being the bartender of Fangtasia has just as bad a reputation as the potions teacher at Hogwarts! No one lasts.)
    Sookie is homeless. A member of the Fellowship of the Sun is suspected of trying to burn down her house while she slept. If not for Claudine and Charles?s protection, Sookie would be dead. And is someone shooting at Sookie now? Did they mistake her for a Were, or are they a Were seeking justice for Debbie? But who could know unless someone saw Eric?
    Smelling of vamps, weres, shifters, and faeries, Sookie reeks as she also tries to save her friend Tina from the clutches of the possessive and abusive vampire Mickey.
    Finding out who the sniper is, is put in a distant second place when the book concludes with the final 50 pages of the powerful, frightening, and emotional final conflict, deciding the new pack leader of Hotshot. Thanks to Alcide and Sookie?s respect for Calvin, she is drawn into the violent and political Were power struggle. (Sookie may decide that she wants to be part of the top of the Were hierarchy, and allow Calvin to court her, but I don?t see her doing that. I believe she has too much self-respect to change who she is. Comparably, she?d have the chance to have a family. Neither Bill nor Eric can give her that.)
    As Sookie and Alcide?s relationship is rekindled, will she fish in the pond of Weres for a while? (I hope so.) Bill has been showing up at Merlotte?s with his new date, trying to make Sookie jealous, and succeeding at it. No matter how badly Bill or Sookie want to be together again, she knows and tells him that it will never be as it was before. Her options with Eric are not the most promising either, now that he is back to acting like his old self once again. What kind of future and relationship will she have with a vampire compared to a Were? With either choice, Eric or Alcide, Sookie?s luck could and most likely run out, ending up ?Dead As A Doornail?.

  • Exciting May 3, 2007
    by roscraze

    Sookie is imersed in the world of the changelings, as she strives to support and protect her brother, who is becoming a were-panther. We get to meet a whole new group of beings in this story, which is chalk full of the usual mysterious twists and turns. Ms. Harris keeps you riveted, and earnestly wishing for the next book in this great series.

  • Customer Rating: 5 out of 5 5 out of 5
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