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Running with Scissors: A Memoir


'This is the Brady Bunch on Viagra...it is impossible not to laugh at all the jokes; to admire the sardonic, fetid tone; to wonder, slack-jawed and ... Show synopsis

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Reviews of Running with Scissors: A Memoir

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  • wow Jun 21, 2012
    by Julie D

    a well written bizare account of twisted family life endured & somehow survived by this young man growing up in so many directions, his thought processes are fascinating....I wanted to stop reading , but couldn't......

  • Well worth the read Dec 17, 2009
    by Swede

    There are a couple homosexual references shocking jolting to a hetero but if you can get past them, the book is a wonderful zany disturbing read.

    The very definition of Dysfunctional Families.

  • Truly disturbing... Aug 24, 2009
    by carriej

    The thought that a child could actually be treated this poorly and raised in this manner -- make that multiple children being raised to raise themselves with unscrupulous parents and no guidance what-so-ever -- is truly, utterly disturbing. All that being said, Augusten Burroughs did a fabulous job telling his amazing story. This is one heck of a page turner!

  • Running With Scissors: Review by Conundrum Jun 13, 2009
    by Conundrum

    To be totally honest, I actually watched the movie, ?Running With Scissors? before I read the book. However, the movie is what interested me in the stories of Augusten Burroughs. In my opinion, ?Running with Scissors? took some major bullocks to write. The story is so intriguing that you just cannot put down the book. I found myself completely drawn into the world of a boy, Augusten Burroughs, attempting to become an independent entity while struggling with obstacles beyond the boundaries of even the most active imagination. The story of his life is sad, yes. However, he seems to find the humor in his turmoil flawlessly.

    Dealing with a psychotic mother, Deirdre, and the ?adopted? Finch family that is perhaps even worse off, Augusten somehow stays true to himself. I admit, this book is not for those of a high moral standard with preconceived notions of ?normal?. This book is also not for close-minded, judgmental people either. No, this book is for those of us that know life is truly flawed and that very bad things can happen and almost always will. It is also a testament that good people who get put in drastically horrible situations will either flounder or prevail. Well, Augusten definitely prevails.

    The characters are engaging and somewhat mysterious at times. For me, it was slightly difficult to put my finger on what motivated Agnes (the wife of Finch) and Hope (daughter of Finch). However, they both play intricate roles in his story.

    The other characters, however, all had extremely potent personalities. Finch (the Psychiatrist of Deirdre), is an unusual patriarch in many, many ways. I mean, at one point, he actually believes that his excrement will dictate the family?s financial situation. Odd, hmmm? Natalie (youngest daughter of Finch) is a force of nature. I believe that she helps Augusten realize that it is ok to be himself. She supports him and him and is the closest thing he has to a friend. At the other end of the spectrum is Bookman, (lover of Augusten, adopted by Finch as well), an extremely complex, psychotic character. The way he approaches the world and the people in it is an enigma, to say the least.

    I can?t say much more without completely giving away the entire plot to the book, so I will end with this. I highly suggest ALL of Augusten Burroughs books. Trust me, I have read every one and they are all more than fantastic.

    I hope this review was helpful to you and that you might have even enjoyed it.

    Thank you for your time.

  • guidline to kasur Oct 30, 2008
    by kasur

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