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Textbook Rentals 101: Should I Rent Textbooks?

Unsure about renting textbooks? Read on to see whether renting books is right for you:

  • You like saving up front. Rental textbooks usually cost less up front.
  • You're not a highlighting nut. Rental textbooks allow normal wear and tear, but not too much writing, highlighting, etc.
  • You're organized. Rental returns are easy. But being organized helps ensure that you return the right book to the right seller on time.
  • You dislike buyback doubts. Renting textbooks includes your total cost up front, with none of the price uncertainty of selling back a purchased book.
  • You're OK with used books. Rentals can be new or used books, though used books can be "like new."
  • You don't want to keep it. Rental books are due back at the semester's end.
Renting textbooks is cheap & easy

Rent textbooks and save. It's cheap because you only pay to use the books for a semester. Fast shipping gets rented textbooks to you when you need them. And free return shipping makes returns a snap. Textbook rentals help

What savvy students say “Renting my textbooks was fantastic, saved me so much money - and it was so easy!” -Hannah, Finance major

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