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Bookselling, Book Care, & Book Collecting Articles

Book repair: Bringing new life to tired tomes

by Robert Colver

This is about your Wounded Wannabe’s—the $50 books that, because of a flapping spine or detached cover board or simply looking ugly, are basically Dumpster food. You either don’t buy them because they won’t repay a rebind or a reback. Or they sit on a morgue shelf in the back room waiting for the book elves to sneak in some night and fix them. Or you grab the leather dressing or the Elmer’s and fix them yourself. [Keep Reading]

Book restoration: Common antiquarian ailments

by Robert Colver

My standard line as a mender of hurt books is: “Half my work is pathology before I ever get to the surgery.”

A book falls apart for a reason. Sometimes, the reason is obvious—it was dropped, or it got wet, or the materials just rotted. But most of the time you have to let books tell you why they fell apart. And if you learn a little of their language, they’re marvelously communicative. [Keep Reading]

Book grading: Condition, condition, condition

by Roger Gozdecki

After 17 years in the business, I have become convinced that there are only two types of booksellers: those who grade their books accurately and those who do not. The fundamental difference in mindset between these two groups speaks volumes about their differing approaches to the trade. Ultimately, I believe that a dealer’s attitude toward the topic of condition comes to be reflected, for better or worse, in all of their key business practices. [Keep Reading]