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How do I set up a homeschool curriculum?

Many online resources provide descriptions, examples, and advice on choosing a homeschool style (school at home, unit studies, Charlotte Mason style, unschooling, eclectic, etc.). The style you adopt will influence the curriculum, whether it is something you create yourself, borrow from existing resources, or buy "out of the box."

An important first step in determining your homeschool style and curriculum is identifying your core values about your approach to homeschooling, indicating how involved you want to be in teaching your child, determining how to motivate your child, and deciding what subjects/topics are of greatest importance to you in your child's development and education. Alibris has an extensive selection of homeschooling books—including textbooks and guides on developing curricula and addressing developmental issues in your child—that can help you make the best informed choices in this most important matter.

Why should I homeschool?

Everyone who chooses homeschooling has their own unique reasons and family situation that inform their decision to homeschool. Many parents, concerned about drugs, violence, and lowered educational standards, are teaching their children at home. Some families live in a remote or rural area that is not easily accessible to a school. Others have religious beliefs or values that they wish to nurture through education in the home environment. Public schools that struggle to provide personalized attention to special-needs children with learning difficulties or gifted children have also influenced the growing homeschool population.

However, homeschooling is not easy and parents should consider several issues before making the decision to homeschool:

  • Do I have the time to educate my child?
  • Do I have the financial ability to homeschool?
  • Do I like to teach?
  • Can I compensate for what my child is missing at school?
  • Does my child want to be home-schooled?

What are some books/curricula for parents new to homeschooling?

Online resources abound for the new and experienced homeschool family, providing valuable advice on determining your core values around education, your homeschool style, your methods of teaching, your curriculum, support groups for homeschool families, and information on how to deal with the day-to-day issues in raising healthy, well-rounded children. The following is a list of resources for those interested in homeschooling: