An Armenian family receiving food relief, 1915 (source: Wikimedia)

Remembering the Armenian Genocide: an Interview with Dana Walrath

Today on the 100-year anniversary of the Armenian genocide, we talk to Dana Walrath, the author of a YA book about two Armenian children fleeing the violence.

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The Best Climate Change Books (Happy Earth Day?)

The Best Climate Change Books (Happy Earth Day?)

Happy Earth Day! Let’s take stock of where we’re at in our ongoing relationship with Mother Nature. Let’s see…a group of European scientists presented evidence that we can expect severe floods to double in the next hundred years.  The New York Times reports that the megadroughts in California (and much[…]

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Kingsley Tufts Poetry Award Winners Announced

Kingsley Tufts Poetry Award Winners Announced

Last night two major poetry awards were announced. Based out of Claremont Graduate University in California, the awards are given only to Americans. In honor of National Poetry Month, I hope you’ll take a minute today to take a closer look at the stellar writers honored at last night’s ceremony.[…]

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Image by Jamieson Fry, © 2013

An Interview with TC Boyle

Catching up with TC Boyle before His Award at the LA Times Festival of Books If you’ve ever wanted to hear this blogger giggle like a schoolgirl, look no further than this interview with PEN/Faulkner award-winner TC Boyle. He’s the author of 24 books and countless stories, and his works[…]

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Try Some Retro Recipes from These Americana Cookbooks

Try Some Retro Recipes from These Americana Cookbooks

Whether you’re planning a summer luau or just want to make some good old diner pie at home, the recipes from these Americana cookbooks will please all the hungry hep cats.

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Books for Coaching Youth Soccer

Books for Coaching Youth Soccer

It is very likely that your kids will want to play soccer. Soccer has grown as a sport in America. With over 13 million Americans playing soccer in the United States, soccer is the third most-played team sport in the U.S.  The largest category of soccer in the United States in terms of participation is[…]

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Frost Award 2015 Winner Announced: Congratulations to Kamau Brathwaite

Frost Award 2015 Winner Announced: Congratulations to Kamau Brathwaite

The Poetry Society of America has chosen to give their highest honor, the Frost Award, to Kamau Brathwaite. This is the twelfth award Brathwaite has received. Some other honors bestowed on the poet include the Guggenheim fellowship, the Fulbright fellowship and the Griffin Poetry Prize. He is the author of[…]

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Illustration by Ana Juan from The Boy Who Lost Fairyland

Excerpt from Best-selling YA Author Catherynne Valente: The Boy Who Lost Fairyland

I could spend all day serving you examples of whimsy and humor from these books. From page 93, “Some magic never bends, even if you tear at it with your own teeth.” From page 138, “But it’s their wedding night!” protested September. “Surely they would like to retire with milk and a nice book!” These are random examples found from flipping through the first book. (I normally mark my favorite passages as I read, but was not able to in this case.) But rather than regaling you with further quotes, I’ve brought you an excerpt from the latest book in the series, The Boy Who Lost Fairyland.

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by Sebastian Hyde, from Tales of San Francisco Cacophony Society

The Cacophony Society: Best Pranksters Ever?

  Pop quiz: What do Burning Man, Fight Club, flash mobs, urban exploring, art cars and the Billboard Liberation Front have in common? All of them were born of the  pranksters known as the Cacophony Society. They started in San Francisco, 1986 and expanded to have chapters in Detroit, Portland,[…]

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