About Us

“Think how Alibris or Amazon.com
have radically changed the buying
and selling of used books.”
The New York Times, 12.03.2005

Alibris (pronounced “uh-LEE-briss”) is the premier online marketplace for independent sellers of new and used books, music, and movies, as well as rare and collectible titles. We connect people who love books, music, and movies to more than 150 million items from thousands of sellers worldwide.

Monsoon Commerce is our parent company.

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Our parent company, Monsoon Commerce, helps marketplace sellers and online merchants to succeed with technology and service solutions.
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Your independent marketplace since 1998

More than a decade of helping people find hard-to-find books, music, and movies

Alibris has grown and changed a lot, as you see in this glimpse back at our early Web site.

Since launching in November 1998, we’ve grown to become the Internet’s largest independently owned and operated marketplace. That’s more than ten years of doing the following:

  • Supporting thousands of independent sellers
  • Providing you with our sellers' great prices and unbeatable selection
  • Giving you the peace of mind of our proven track record of satisfying customers just like you

Join us in our second decade. We promise you’ll always be able to find plenty of good books, music, and movies. We look forward to many more years together.