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"It is 83 years after the last of the thinking machines were destroyed in the Battle of Corrin, after Faykan Butler took the name of Corrino and established himself as the first Emperor of a new imperium. The great war hero Vorian Atreides has turned his back on politics and Salusa Secundus, flying off to parts unknown; because he was given a life-extension treatment by Agamemnon, he ages very slowly. Abulurd Harkonnen, convicted of cowardice during the Battle of Corrin, was sent away in disgrace to live on the gloomy ...

Sisterhood of Dune 2012, Tor Books, New York, NY

ISBN-13: 9780765322739


Sisterhood of Dune 2012, Tor Books

ISBN-13: 9780765362612

Mass-market paperback

Sisterhood of Dune 2012, MacMillan Audio, New York, NY

ISBN-13: 9781427214690

Audiobook CD