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Revenge of the Nerds is the juvenile sex comedy perhaps most synonymous with the 1980s, alternating gags and scantily clad women with a power to the underdogs mentality that prompted three sequels. The handsome jocks of Alpha Beta, led by Stan (Ted McGinley), run Adams College, which means that when they burn down their house after a stunt involving grain alcohol and an open flame, they kick a bunch of socially inept freshman out of their dorm and into the gymnasium. But sleeping on cots is only the beginning of their ...

Revenge of the Nerds [Blu-ray] 2014,

UPC: 024543873112


Revenge of the Nerds [Panty Raid Edition] 2007,

UPC: 024543241089


Revenge of the Nerds 1997,

UPC: 086162143939