Miracle at Midway - Prange, Gordon W, and Goldstein, Donald M, and Dillon, Katherine V

The Battle of Midway was perhaps the most significant naval battle since Trafalgar. With the infamy of Pearl Harbor still fresh in minds, the men of the US Pacific Fleet waited for the Japanese Imperial Navy at Miday Island. This time the element of surprise had shifted, and the American forces became victors in the battle that marked the turning ...

Miracle at Midway 1991, Highbridge Company, Saint Paul, MN

ISBN-13: 9780942110418

, edition Abridged

Audiobook cassette

Miracle at Midway 1983, Penguin Books

ISBN-13: 9780140068146

60th Anniversary edition

Trade paperback

Miracle at Midway 1982, McGraw-Hill Companies, New York, NY

ISBN-13: 9780070506725