Gyula Csapˇ: Handshake after Shot - Alastair Thompson (tenor); Andras Horn (water bowl); Csaba Klenyßn (water bowl); ╔va Bˇtai (organ); Gßbor Csalog (piano);...

Track Listing
  1. Handshake After Shot, for 2 muted trumpets, oboe, electric organ & cardboard box
  2. Hark, Edward... - hommage to E. Grieg, for 2 Hungarian dulcimers, piano & double bass
  3. Sutraecitations, for tenor voice, 2 tuned glasses, a piano (mostly used as a resonator), 3 clarinets & noise sources
  4. Krapp's Last Tape - after Samuel Beckett, for violinist-actor, tape-recorder, sine-wave generator with potentiometer & stage
  5. BirdDayCage, for violincello & piano

Gyula Csap='s name isn't widely known in the American new music scene, but the effusive accolades by John Cage, Gy¸rgy Kurt▀g, and Morton Feldman cited in the program booklet make it clear that it ought to be. Csap= was born in 1955 in Hungary, studied with Feldman, and has since taught at McGill, Princeton, and the University of Saskatchewan. The ... Read More

Gyula Csapˇ: Handshake after Shot 2000, Bmc Records

UPC: 731406832529