Gyula Csapˇ: Handshake after Shot - Alastair Thompson (tenor); Andras Horn (water bowl); Csaba Klenyßn (water bowl); ╔va Bˇtai (organ); Gßbor Csalog (piano);...

Track Listing
  1. Handshake After Shot, for 2 muted trumpets, oboe, electric organ & cardboard box
  2. Hark, Edward... - hommage to E. Grieg, for 2 Hungarian dulcimers, piano & double bass
  3. Sutraecitations, for tenor voice, 2 tuned glasses, a piano (mostly used as a resonator), 3 clarinets & noise sources
  4. Krapp's Last Tape - after Samuel Beckett, for violinist-actor, tape-recorder, sine-wave generator with potentiometer & stage
  5. BirdDayCage, for violincello & piano

Gyula Csap?'s name isn't widely known in the American new music scene, but the effusive accolades by John Cage, Gy¸rgy Kurt▀g, and Morton Feldman cited in the program booklet make it clear that it ought to be. Csap? was born in 1955 in Hungary, studied with Feldman, and has since taught at McGill, Princeton, and the University of Saskatchewan. The ...

Gyula Csapˇ: Handshake after Shot 2000, Bmc Records

UPC: 731406832529