After tales from the USA and Britain, Bill Bryson turns his roving eye to Australia, the only island that is also a continent and the only continent that is also a country. It is the driest, flattest, most desiccated, infertile and climatically aggressive of all the inhabited continents. It has more things that can kill you in a very nasty way that anywhere else. Yet when Bill Bryson travelled to Australia he promptly fell in love with the country. And who can blame him? The people are cheerful, the cities safe and clean, ...

Down Under 2001, Doubleday, London

ISBN-13: 9780385603096

Trade paperback

Down Under 2001, Chivers Large print (Chivers, Windsor, Paragon & C, Bath

ISBN-13: 9780754023814

Large type edition


Down Under 2000, Doubleday Books, London, England

ISBN-13: 9780385408172